Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Special.

I love weekends! :) Weekend for me means I don't have work and will just spend time with my family. Last Saturday we went to SM Masinag to buy an iPad for Angel. It's her Mama's advanced graduation gift. :) I saw the iTouch 5th gen and I really, really want it. :| But I don't think I need it so never mind. We ate at King Bee Chinese Restaurant after and Luis kept on roaming around. I wish we just stayed at home. Haha!

Supposedly, we'll visit Luis' dentist and go grocery shopping last Saturday but Lou needed to do something so we just moved our plans to Sunday. :/

SaveMore Morong || 11.18.12

After our grocery shopping, we went to Pilapil's Dental Clinic in Baras. They called me last Wednesday and told me that Luis' Stainless Steel Crown Teeth is finished. I'm kind of excited for him because I don't want him to grow up without his front teeth. I don't want to wait for 4 years for his permanent teeth to come out. He greeted his dentist but cried a lot during the whole process. 

Yay! Now I'm not afraid that kids will tease him "bunge" in school. Hehe! Lou and I noticed that his hair is getting longer so we decided to cut his hair. :)

It a grooming day for Luis! :) He keeps on showing off his crowned teeth. Such a cutie patootie!! :)


  1. you have a wonderful family and so cutee baby. :)
    I sent you an email.


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