Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Customized Denim Shorts

I was browsing DIY videos on Youtube and I saw a lot of tutorials on how to do your own customized denim shorts. You can use an old pants you don't wear anymore and cut it off or you can also use a plain and boring shorts you have in your closet. After you have your pants cut, distress it using tweezers or a thong from your kitchen. Use scissors to destroy some parts but be gentle when doing it. Don't worry if you made mistakes on your first try and besides you cannot really go wrong with this. You cannot really make it as perfect as you want it to be because its imperfection makes it perfect. :) Here is my first try:

I cut my sister's shorts into a shorty shorts. :) I dyed it with pink and purple and put studs! :)

I also tried to make a skirt out of an old pants with the same procedure -- Cut, Distress, Dye, Studs! :) This is the result! :)
You can avail this on my shop for only 400pesos. :) 

You can also sew a fabric on your shorts. :) Get your Mom's needle and thread and hand sew it! If you have your own sewing machine then it's better. Either way will work! :) Here are some of the examples:
I got the fabric from an old T-shirt I have. Sew the fabric on the left front side of the shorts then distressed the ride side. I decided to sew the fabric on the right pocket so the back of the shorts will not be so plain. For the final look, put the studs! Yay! You have your new shorts now. :) This one is from my old pants and I made this for myself. :)

Leopard fabric on black shorts looks perfect! You can use any fabric you have at home or buy your own fabric. I should try to make denim shorts with lace on it. :)

You can check the other customized shorts I am selling HERE. I enjoyed doing these shorts and I hope you'll also enjoy it doing your own. :)

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