Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Season: Sequined Tops

I know most of us can feel the spirit of Christmas already. Aren't you excited? The weather is getting cold and you can see a lot of Christmas decors everywhere. The places that used to be so dark at night are now full of lights that are so good look at. Company holiday parties will be all over the city, too! Yay! :) (But I'm not going to attend our company's party. :D) I think it's time for you to rock the party wearing sequined tops! :)

Isn't they sparkling? :) It's not really complicated to put on glamour on your holiday outfit if you'll wear a shimmering top. One more thing is for sure, you will stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to tone down your bottom or else you'll look like a disco ball. Always remember, balance in any outfit is important.:)

You can get these Sequined Sleeveless Tops from FabDanni Shop for only 299pesos. :) Enjoy the holiday season with these fabulous tops. You're holiday wardrobe dilemma is now solved! :)

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