Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Back!! :)))

Hi guys! :) I'm back from 2010. :D As you can see I edited my layout which I had a hard time doing it. OH GOSH. I didn't know I can survive editing those alien HTML codes. Haha! Good thing I can still do the basics that I learned when I was in high school. Yes, I figured it all out on my own without any help when I was younger during the time that I am so into blogging. I wonder why I want to blog yet I'm not so good in writing. Echosera lang. :p

Anyway, I'm here in the office. I know this is not allowed but everyone here is doing the same specially the teachers from the AM Shift. The Admin people keep on reminding us not to browse "illegal websites" but they can't stop because the IT guy is my friend. Who-hoo! :) There are a lot of "Bibos" from the PM Shift and all they do is follow. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes there are rules in the office that are not in favor of the teachers and they just keep quiet and just let it all happen. I so hate those "pasikat" teachers. :|

Pictures from Marrielle's iPad | 11/11/12

Lugaw texted me about his conversation with Luis. Yes, he can converse even though he is still "bulol". HAHA. Lugaw asked him if he wants to go and eat at Jollibee then Luis said, "daddy ya iya!" Did you get what does he mean by that? He meant, "Daddy walang pera". Lugaw once said it to him before when he saw the Jollibee commercial on TV and he asked his dad to bring him to "Hmnnbee" (That's how he say it) then Lugaw told him he has no money and then today he said it! He is so funny! :)

I can't wait to go home. I'm done with my classes and it's just 9:00 in the morning. This is my work life and I'm soooo free. :) I love my job! :)

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