Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Saturdate!

Lou's on leave for a week since last Friday but he needed to attend a meeting last Saturday so he brought us along with him. Luis and I waited at Starbucks, Greenbelt 1 but the little kid got bored so we walked around the mall. It's really hard to carry a big bag and a baby. HAHA. We just stayed at the couch in Greenbelt 5 where Luis fell asleep. :) On our way home, we just dropped by at Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe to have our late lunch. :)
What I love about this restaurant is they offer All-day Breakfast. I really enjoyed the U.S. Beef Tapa served with fried egg and garlic rice. It taste like bacon! :)
Lou lecturing Luis. HAHA.
Luis grabbed his dad's phone and said, "Hello Potpot! Wa mo?" HIm being bulol like that makes him soooo cute! :)

After eating, we went home then picked up Nanay Doris and Tito Ed and we went to Famy, Laguna. Lou's been driving for the whole day. :|
Getting dark but it's still early. :/ Christmas is coming!! :D
While waiting for Nanay Doris. :)

I love family dates! :) I hope we can do this every weekend cos there are times that we just want to stay home and rest. I think it'll be fun to go out once a week and I'm sure Luis will enjoy it. :) I hope you guys had a great weekend with your family or friends! :)

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