Monday, December 10, 2012

Finding Time With Your Husband

It’s been awhile since Lou and I went out with just the two of us. I think I should just accept that we could not do the same things together that we used to be. It will always be that way if you already have a kid. Yes, we still do some of those things but with a very limited time. My mom may be very willing to take care of my son when we are away but we both know that it shouldn’t be that way. We should NEVER act like a childless couple. Both of us wants to spend time with our son after we get off work but we always make sure that we always have our “alone time”.

It’s understandable that we changed our priorities once we have our own family. I spend time with my son, job and my shop. I know my husband has issues regarding my time because whenever he wants to go out with me I always ask him if we can bring our son. There’s nothing wrong with that but I should NEVER forget that he also need my time. We may not have much time alone but we do take advantage when we have our chance. We know how important intimacy is and married couple should also prioritize it to keep the fire burning. Aside from senseful conversations, it is an important way for you to stay connected.

Most of married couples feel like they are stuck in the relationship, tend to be bored at times and lost the sense of romance due to their own crazy schedules. It’s really hard to balance everything. But I think it’s very, very important for you to FIND TIME because I believe that if you really want it you can really make it. Strengthening your relationship requires time and I know that it will help you be a better parent when you feel that you are both in it together. Falling in love over and over again with your husband is the most amazing thing in the world.

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