Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sounds Show

Last week I went to Ayala after work together with my mom, son and my bff. Lou works in Ayala so we just waited for him to get off. We were walking to have dinner when we saw the lights show from afar and it looks really amazing. My son got really excited and he keeps on saying “Yights” (He meant Lights). We wanted to go there right away when we saw it but it is better if we’ll see it from the very beginning. So we just satisfied our tummy first before we satisfy our eyes.
I watched the video of the show from my husband's cellphone but it's much better if you'll see it live. It's a MUST-SEE show! I think only the sad and bitter people will not enjoy this. Haha!

 I love how the lights are synchronized to music. I didn't know that there are two versions of the show. I think we saw the Tagalog version. :) My favorite part was the balls going up and down. We are all amazed and my son didn't even know where to look! I'm glad he enjoyed the show as much as we did.
Family picture! This is the only picture of my husband. He's our official photographer. Haha!
I really, really love this shot! :) Looking up and watching how the lights change its colors.
The shorts that I made. :) I hope I'll find more time to make another shorts like this for myself or maybe for you, too. :) I am not a fashion blogger but if you wanna know what I'm wearing, here it is:

Old Navy Button-Down Shirt
AVON Spaghetti Top
FabDanni Shop’s Shorts
Mixmi Pink Satchel Bag
Converse Shoes

Anywaaaaaay, I really enjoyed the spectacular holiday display of dancing lights and sounds at Ayala Triangle Gardens. You can witness the lights come to life until December 30. It's every 30 minutes from 6 to 10pm. I hope you'll find time to visit and feel the spirit of Christmas. :)


  1. I love your shorts!

    I'm your newest follower! =))

    1. Thank you Beatrice! :) You can made your own shorts just like mine. :)

      Thanks for following! I'll follow you back. :)


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